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MG Accelerates Global Content Growth Through New Partnership with HyperGuest



MG, Southeast Asia’s Leading B2B Hospitality Marketplace, today announced a new strategic partnership with HyperGuest - another rapidly growing B2B travel marketplace. The new agreement leverages HyperGuest's growing portfolio of hotels using their next generation tech and connectivity platform as well as MG’s rapidly growing global demand side network of B2B buyers.  MG global network of more than 8,000 B2B travel buyers will gain access to all of HyperGuest’s global supply side customers.

Brett Henry, President Director of MG Group said:  “HyperGuest is committed to leveraging tech to deliver value for its clients.  We admire their disruptive approach to the legacy high commission models imposed by the legacy B2B distribution players.  MG is closely aligned with this mission to deliver real value and disrupt legacy models. We look forward to growing our relationship with HyperGuest as well as leveraging our partnership to grow revenues and margins for our mutual supply and demand side customers.”

Marc Armengol, VP Business Development at HyperGuest said: "We are thrilled to collaborate with MG Group to enhance their global accommodation connectivity and distribution models using our extensive technology network and worldwide accommodation partnerships." states Marc.

"With HyperGuest's all-in-one API solution, we streamline MG Group's direct contracting process, minimizing their time and effort in developing individual API connections. Simultaneously, we deliver an efficient, transparent, and fast distribution solution that seamlessly complements our new partner's existing strategy."


HyperGuest Hotel Distribution Marketplace simplifies direct bookings between hotels and travel providers. Our solution replaces connectivity barriers, complicated contracting, and costly middlemen with instant connectivity, dynamic distribution, and direct bookings with real-time data.

Through HyperGuest, any travel provider can easily and effectively search & book inventory, with no need for a pre-existing relationship with the hotel. The platform includes an integral payment module that eliminates complex reconciliation processes, and a full-blown static data module allowing hotels to control their property visuals and details throughout the entire value chain.   

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MG is Building the Future of B2B Hospitality.

We do this by leveraging technology platforms to provide distribution and marketing services that drive sustainable, profitable growth for our hotels, corporations, and travel sellers.  We are technology focused, but customer driven.

We have tens of thousands of direct hotels contracts across Southeast Asia and hundreds of thousands of global hotels via partners all dynamically distributed to our global B2B seller network using the industry's first microservices based platform, MG Jarvis. Our B2B Marketing Platform provides tools to accurately target B2B buyers at every stage of the buying process.

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