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MG Group and Azana Hotels & Resort Forge Exclusive Partnership

Pamekasan, Madura - October 16, 2023 - MG and Azana Hotels & Resort have officially sealed an exclusive partnership. The signing ceremony took place during the prestigious Azana Leader Conference 2023 on October 16-17, hosted at the stunning Azana Style Hotel in Pamekasan, Madura.

One of The highlights of the conference was the formal signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between these two hospitality industry leaders, cementing their commitment to mutual growth and prosperity. The partnership marks a significant step in the evolution of both companies, promising to create new opportunities and to elevate the travel industry to new heights.

The synergy between MG and Azana Hotels & Resorts promises to unlock a multitude of advantages for travelers and the hospitality industry. Azana's properties will now be widely distributed through MG Jarvis, offering MG customers an even more extensive range of options. This partnership will grant MG's travel buyers exclusive access to Azana's range of hotels and resorts at special rates.

William Newley , MG's Vice President Director , expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership, saying, "We are thrilled to join forces with Azana Hotels & Resort. This partnership will not only benefit our MG customers but also provide Azana with an extended reach and enhanced exposure. Through MG Jarvis, our innovative platform, we will facilitate the widespread distribution of Azana's properties. Travel buyers will gain access to a diverse range of Azana hotel and resort properties at exclusive rates.”

Dicky Sumarsono, CEO Azana Hotels & Resorts said,

“Our goal in this relationship remains on increasing the number of occupancies in all Azana Hotels & Resorts hotel properties located over practically all of Indonesia. We feel that collaborating with MG will enable us to maintain our position as the greatest local hotel operator in the country. “


Azana Hotels & Resorts is The Fastest Growing Hotel Management Company, Running Over 75 Hotels in 45 cities in Indonesia. The journey as a national hotel management in Indonesia has started since 2007. More than just a hotel operator, Azana Hotels & Resorts offered a full range of service & strategy to ensure all the properties could grow to their highest potential.


MG Group is Building the Future of B2B Hospitality.

We do this by leveraging technology platforms to provide distribution and marketing services that drive sustainable, profitable growth for our hotels, corporations, and travel retailers. We are technology focused, but customer driven.

We have thousands of direct hotel contracts across SE Asia and hundreds of thousands of global hotels via partners all dynamically distributed to our global retail network using the industry's first microservices based platform, MG Jarvis.

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