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MG Selected as Pickyourtrail’s Preferred Hotel Supplier

JAKARTA; INDONESIA 25 SEP 2023 - MG, The B2B hospitality marketplace has been selected by Pickyourtrail, India's leading leisure travel brand, This alliance marks a significant milestone in the world of travel, promising to reshape the way travelers get to customize their vacation plans.

With MG Group’s vast selection of properties, ranging from boutique hotels to luxury resorts, this collaboration will ensure Pickyourtrail’s customers gain access to a diverse range of accommodations. Along with best rates and dedicated customer support, the partnership between MG and Pickyourtrail aims to bring in quick & easy stay availability for all travelers.

William Newley, Vice President Director at MG Group;

"We are thrilled to be chosen as the preferred hotel supplier for PickyourTrail, India's leading DIY holiday booking platform. We look forward to providing travelers with exceptional accommodation options that align with PickyourTrail's commitment to delivering unforgettable holidays."

Hari Ganapathi, Co-founder of Pickyourtrail, says;

“The travel industry is ever-evolving, especially in a post-pandemic world where travelers seek unique experiences and a seamless planning process. With an aim to deliver hassle-free travel experiences for our customers, we wish to make strong strategic partnerships and we’re proud to join hands with MG Group for the same.”

As the travel industry continues to evolve, partnerships like this one between Pickyourtrail and MG are likely to set new standards for customer-centric travel services and deliver unique hassle-free experiences.


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