MYHOTELFINDER.COM lets any individual (subject to verification and approval) register and become a member. Through the website extremely attractive rates for accommodation throughout Indonesia and globally are available with instant confirmation. The rates are extremely competitive as the substantial marketing costs that the well-known OTA’s pay on search engine marketing and branding are avoided. These savings are passed on the customers. members are encouraged to offer the hotel choices and rates to their own network and book hotels for friends, colleagues and extended network.


ABOUT MYHOTELFINDER.COM provided a member-get-member services, this allows the introducing member to earn additional commission on the members’ bookings whom they introduced to the platform. So in addition to accessing fantastic rates there is the possibility to earn additional profit.


Member get member program

The hotel content available in starts from budget accommodation, right up to the most exclusive 5 star properties. Whilst the main focus is on hotels in Indonesia, there are over 300,000 hotels available worldwide. All available at tremendous discounts when comparing against the standard OTA rates.



Potential members should contact our dedicated marketing team at or direct on 021 2653 5588
for more information and process the account activation.